Where it all began

I first emerged into the vibrant world of art and creative self-expression in 2012, my biggest struggle has always seemed to be the mental effort required to sort through too many thoughts and ideas. Simple task felt enormous. And I felt I was dropping the ball. What was stopping me from finishing? For my future self, I needed to find out why, and fast.

Since childhood, art has given me a place to play and find expression when words were not enough. Over time I came to discover intuitive art making and mindful art journaling that helped me navigate obstacles that stood in the way to my personal fulfillment. I was captivated by the integration of creative art healing and wanted to share my passion with others.


My spiritual journey

My personal and creative journey continued where I explored the connection between art and healing and, on a profoundly personal level, experienced the healing possibilities of art therapy in an individual context helping to tame mental overload. During this time, I fervently filled art journal after art journal, delighted by the striking imagery that seemed to emerge straight from the depths of heart and soul. I continued to fearlessly and intuitively express my deepest emotions, find my inner voice in a new visual language, and gain new insights into the correlation of art and life.

My creative vision

My biggest joy and personal growth during my years of creating intuitively came from facilitating my first workshop “Beyond the Paint” where the worlds of mindful creativity, intuitive art making, and Nidra yoga were combined. Participants speak of a deeper connection to themselves and a greater acceptance of their experience. The process is healing on many levels. Being open to growth and facing one’s fears leads to joy and a sense of accomplishment. I am fortunate to have met – and continue to meet – many incredible women and life-long friends.

After 7 years, studying and teaching my creative passions, I established Studio Eight15 Art Wellness, where I continue to thrive as an artist and facilitate workshops in intuitive art for individuals seeking to find a deeper sense of self. My passion for creative expression, the healing arts and workshop facilitation keeps me emerged in ongoing educational experiences. I am currently enrolled in an online art life coaching program.

If you would like to work with me 1:1 to explore your intuitive wisdom with collage, I invite your to view my offer on this page.


What’s next

2019 is the year of collaborating with other women to realize my intention of facilitating holistic workshop experiences that include the combination of intuitive art with yoga, meditation, sound healing, creative writing, and storytelling.

In addition, I am working on an online course and plan to enroll in a yoga teacher training program. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the near future and sign up to my mailing list.